Product Description

 Equipment application:
  • removal of spinal cord and spinal canal scouring
  • removes bone and meat pulp as well as fat
  • siphons off blood remains and other waste matter
  • removal of poultry lungs


The equipment consists of:

  • waste container
  • 3 meters long tube
  • hose with handle - selected according to application
  • vacuum filter
  • vacuum production system
  • pneumatic system supplied by compressed air
  • air flow control system


Technical specification: 

  • compressed air supply                         0,4 to 0,6   MPa  
  • max. air intake (during operation)     14    l/s
  • cylindrical tank for wastes                   40    l
  • weight without wastes                         up to  50    kg


Complete equipment

Please note: Nautilus stand shown on the photo is exposition element and is not on sale.

      The device, thanks to an ejector supplied by compressed air at a pressure between 4 to 6 bars, produce an underpressure allowing suction of wastes such as spinal cord, meat and bone pulp, fat, etc. Elastic tube ends with exchangeable hose selected according to a currently performed operation. It can be a permanently mounted hose with cutting edge to help remove more firmly adhering tissue fragments and with a handle for secure grip or hose designed for fat or sheep spinal cord removal. Type of hose is always selected to match a work that has to perform.

Air flow control system ensures economical and comfortable work. As Nautilus VI does not require direct power supply, it is also very safe to use in humid environment.

The big advantage of our device is its hygienic – it is easy to clean and all wastes are collected in a closed tank where they can easily be removed after a work has ended.


 Ukad zasilania penumatycznego2.jpg

Control system

Kocwa do rdzenia

Ssawka do rdzenia poziom czysty

Suction hose for removal of spinal cord
of flock, sheeps and cattle



Sawka do czyszczenia z sada wosw

 Suction hose for removal of fat, hair and impurities
of flock, sheeps and cattle


Kocwka dla owiec czysta

Suction hose for removal of spinal cord of sheeps



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